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Texas Governor Orders Healthcare Facilities To Postpone Elective Procedures, Deploys National Guard To Combat Coronavirus Spread

Politico (3/22, Rayasam) reports Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) “issued two executive orders mandating that the state’s health care facilities postpone elective medical procedures and suspending regulations to allow hospitals to treat two patients in one room in an effort to combat the spread of Covid-19.” Moreover, Abbott “announced the creation of a ‘strike force’ to help Texas procure medical supplies and said that he was deploying the National Guard to help providers organize testing areas and assist hospitals in creating more bed space.” 

The AP (3/22, Bleiberg, Vertuno) reports Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced “the National Guard could begin monitoring drive-in testing sites” today “and prodded the federal government to do more to help states secure more tests and medical supplies to fight the spreading coronavirus outbreak.” The article adds that Texas has not issued a shelter-in-place order, but Gov. Abbott said he may issue one if necessary and advised people to not leave their home unless it was essential.

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