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COVID-19 Testing Sites – Tarrant County

Below is information about the two COVID-19 testing sites currently available in Tarrant County:

Clinicas Mi Doctor – Seminary  La Gran Plaza

4200 South Freeway, Ste. 106

Fort Worth, TX 76115


  • Currently, this is the only COVID-19 Testing Site for Clinicas Mi Doctor. No other Clinicas Mi Doctor locations will provide testing.
  • There is a drive-thru to check for COVID-19 symptoms at no-cost. 
  • Once symptoms have been verified, the individual will be given a number to call for their appointment to be tested. The number is 1-888-776-5252.
  • If the individual cannot pay, Free Testing will be provided.
  • If the individual does not have insurance but can self-pay, then the cost is $75.00.
  • If the individual has insurance, then Lab Corps will bill the insurance company.

City Hospital Emergency Care Center (Open 24 hours)

4551 Western Center Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76137

(817) 644-3340 

  • Pre-screenings for COVID-19 symptoms are provided at no-cost.
  • Once symptoms have been verified, the individual will be given a test at no-cost.
  • The test results take 5-7 days to return.
  • If the test is positive, the patient is called and told to self-quarantine.
  • The following fees will be billed to the patient:
  • Copay if insured or self-pay if not insured
  • Physician Fee
  • Facilities Fee
  • Assigned a billing level just like an ER in a hospital

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