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House of Delegates Meeting and Contested Elections Postponed

Due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the ability of the TMA House of Delegates to discharge its duties, the TMA Board of Trustees called itself into session on March 29, 2020, to function as a Disaster Board.

TMA Bylaws 4.202

Function as disaster board. In the event a catastrophe of national proportions such as war prevents the House of Delegates from acting, the Board of Trustees shall have the authority to receive and act on the reports of officers, boards, councils, and committees; to legislate; to elect and install officers; and to approve the president-elect’s nominees for council positions in accordance with regulations applying to the House of Delegates. In case of national catastrophe, the Board of Trustees shall be considered a disaster board and shall be called into session.

To keep our members’ focus on the escalating health crisis and predicted surge, the Disaster Board voted on April 5, 2020, to suspend the 2020 TMA House of Delegates meeting, either virtual or in-person, until an appropriate time in the future when the crisis has subsided.

The Disaster Board still feels it is essential to transition TMA leadership to allow our organization to move forward appropriately and deliberately. The board will soon proceed with transitioning President David C. Fleeger, MD, to immediate past president, and President-elect Diana L. Fite, MD, to president.

For the uncontested positions, the Disaster Board polled the caucus chairs, who provided no further nominations. The Disaster Board will move forward with electing these uncontested candidates by acclamation.

The uncontested positions are:

  1. E. Linda Villarreal, MD, for president-elect
  2. Arlo F. Weltge, MD, for speaker
  3. Bradford W. Holland, MD, for vice speaker
  4. Michelle A. Berger, MD, for secretary/treasurer
  5. All uncontested Texas Delegation to the AMA positions

All contested elections are postponed until the Disaster Board determines the health crisis has concluded and the House of Delegates is able to function.

To keep a steady hand at the helm of TMA during this uncertain time, the board members whose terms were set to expire after TexMed 2020 will continue to serve on the board until such time as voting through direct ballot by the full House of Delegates can occur.

This extension applies to the following board members:

  1. G. Ray Callas, MD, at-large trustee
  2. Gary W. Floyd, MD, at-large trustee
  3. Lindsay K. Botsford, MD, young physician trustee
  4. Douglas W. Curran, MD, immediate past president, will fill the vacancy created by Dr. Villarreal’s transition from at-large trustee to president-elect

Once the Disaster Board returns authority to the House of Delegates at the end of the crisis, Dr. Curran will transition off the board and elections will be held for the three at-large positions and the young physician trustee position, as well as contested elections for alternate delegate to the Texas Delegation to the AMA.

Your Disaster Board is very much aware of the many serious problems you now face, including maintaining the viability of your practice and obtaining personal protective equipment. The entire TMA family is working hard each and every day to address those issues.

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