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DFW Small Business Owners Make Critical PPE with 3D Printer

Joshua and Kaytlyn Peterson of JP Tek Services in Fort Worth donated 96 face masks to Tarrant County Medical Society for distribution to doctors’ offices that continue seeing patients in person. These masks were printed on the Petersons’ 3D printer in their home using all the materials they had in immediate supply.

“The physicians of Tarrant County Medical Society appreciate the thoughtfulness of the Petersons,” says Brian Swift, Executive Vice President and CEO of Tarrant County Medical Society. “We want to be able to support our private physician practices who are still seeing patients every day and this this act of kindness is appreciated. We appreciate any and all donations of PPE.”

Materials to make up to 600 additional masks are en route to the Petersons. “The bottleneck is the printing time,” says Joshua. “It takes one hour to create two masks.”

In a JP Tek Services Facebook plea, Peterson implores those with supplies and printers to join him in supplying Tarrant County with as many masks as possible. The supplies needed are PETG filament and 8.5×11 transparency film. With this style of mask, the visor frame is able to be sanitized and reused, so other filament types will not hold up. The transparency film can also be sanitized and reused or replaced as needed.

“We can only produce so many masks, so we hope that others will see what we are doing and join us,” says Joshua. “We just want to do anything we can to help.”

The full specifications, including the downloadable pattern, can be found on the JP Tek Services Facebook page at

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