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TMA White Paper Explains New Rules on Non-Urgent Procedures

By David Doolittle

Originally published on Texas Medical Association‘s website.

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) on Tuesday adopted emergency rules to follow Gov. Greg Abbott’s revised executive order that lifts restrictions on certain non-urgent, elective surgeries and procedures that had been in place since late March.

To help you understand the changes, and to further clarify a TMB frequently asked questions (FAQ) document on the changes, the Texas Medical Association Office of the General Counsel has updated its white paper on the new orders.

The TMA white paper includes background on Governor Abbott’s restrictions, provides details on each new executive order, and looks at TMB’s recommendations for physicians trying to decide whether to perform a surgery or procedure.

In addition, the TMA COVID-19 Task Force has created a document that provides links to COVID-19 resources, including state and federal guidance as well as specialty societies that have published resource pages.

You can find both documents on TMA’s COVID-19 resource page, which is regularly updated with new information, tools, and resources.

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