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Check out TMA’s Guide to Reopening Your Practice Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a public health emergency the damaged medical practice viability. Physicians are in the difficult position of having to navigate operational, financial, and clinical challenges while still staying up-to-date with compliance, payment, and coverage issues. These changes have had a significantly negative impact. According to TMA’s COVID-19 telephone town hall meeting in mid-April, 36 percent of poll respondents indicated that they have lost between half and three quarters of their revenue since the start of the pandemic. Another 24 percent have lost three-quarters to all of their

As the COVID-19 curve flattens and trends downward, you can take decisive actions to restore your practice operations. TMA’s practice viability experts have organized the information you may need to successfully reopen
your practice in one resource: Road to Practice Recovery: A Guide for Reopening Your Practice Post-COVID-19. From evaluating staffing levels and managing patient appointments, to ensuring patient safety and communicating regularly with patients and staff, this guide will provide the information practices need to more confidently head in the right direction.

Refer to TMA’s COVID-19 Practice Viability web page for additional tools, resources, and frequently asked questions regarding operational challenges that affect your practice’s viability.

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