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“We’re Just Trying to Save Lives”

North Texas doctors call for continued physical distancing measures as rural counties see COVID-19 surge.

The North Texas Medical Society Coalition (NTMSC) is calling for additional measures as statistics show a  surge of COVID-19 cases in smaller counties. Large counties, such as Dallas and Tarrant, are continuing to struggle with high numbers of COVID-19 patients, but their cases have been effectively managed through existing hospital systems. As the number of cases have increased, the growth has spread into smaller surrounding counties–areas that do not have the support of multiple hospital systems. 

“Why should a doctor in Fort Worth care about the number of COVID-19 patients in Sherman? We have a highly mobile population in North Texas, making us more vulnerable to a rapid spread of the Coronavirus. This has already spread across the globe and it’s only 90 miles from Sherman to Fort Worth,” states Fort Worth physician, Robert Rogers, MD. 

Over the last two weeks COVID-19 cases have more than doubled in daily hospital care of presumptive COVID-19 cases in Grayson County alone. As North Texas counties slowly start to reopen, revised projections reflect rising cases doubling more than rates of recoveries. 

North Texas Infection Rate Statistics 
CountyMay 5, 2020May 12, 2020

Ultimately, if rural hospitals become overwhelmed, patients will seek care in the  larger counties. The pandemic outcome depends on a balance between physical distancing, adequate testing, and contact tracing. 

“The power is with the people; everyone has to take ownership to protect themselves and others,” states Grayson County physician, Jonathan Williams, MD. 

NTMSC wants to remind the community to continue practicing safe physical distancing measures. Even though businesses are beginning to re-open, remember that some areas are at the height of risk. Because many individuals are no longer staying home, safety measures are more critical than ever to suppress the curve to a degree that is manageable in North Texas.

About North Texas Medical Society Coalition: 

The NTMSC represents more than 11,500 physicians in the communities of Collin-Fannin, Dallas, Denton, Grayson, and Tarrant County. Founded in 2020, the NTMSC works with community healthcare partners, including public health departments, hospitals, and business leaders, to advise on medical recommendations to serve the health care needs of the residents of North Texas. 

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