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Water Resources in Tarrant County

For residents in West Fort Worth are still affected by boil water notices, as well as others who might be experiencing water shutoffs because of water main breaks and repairs, here is some information about water resources in Tarrant County.

The below locations and times are for Monday.  Be aware that water may run out before closing time.

All locations will have bottled water as well as water to fill containers.

They include four locations that will operate hand out water from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Those locations include:

  • Beth Eden Baptist Church, 3208 Wilbarger St., 76119
  • RD Evans Community Center, 3242 Lackland Road, 76116.
  • Iglesia Templo Jeruselen, 2421 NW 18th St., 76106.
  • Sycamore Community Center, 2525 E. Rosedale St., 76105.

 Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. is Birchman Baptist Church, 9100 N. Normandale St., 76116. 

Disclaimer: Water is being provided to you by the City of Fort Worth in a disaster-recovery situation. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that containers being used for water collection are clean, free of contaminates and are a proper water storage container. The City of Fort Worth will not inspect the containers and will not accept responsibility for illness or other any damages that occurs from the service.

 In addition to the city-operated sites, some breweries are offering water to residents.  Please call to confirm hours. 

  • CowTown Brewery, 1301 E Belknap St., (817) 489-5800
  • Panther Island Brewing, 501 N Main St., (817) 882-8121
  • Hop Fusion Ale Works, 200 E Broadway Ave., (682) 841-1721
  • Wild Acre Brewing, 1734 E El Paso St., (817) 882-9453

Resident need to bring their own containers for all breweries.

The Water Department realizes many affected customers have no water to boil and others have no power to boil the water. They are working to secure additional water for distribution as quickly as possible. Additional locations will be added. Continue to check the city’s website for updates. You can also call 817-392-1234 for additional water distribution locations; because supplies are limited, each household is limited to one case.

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