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Physicians, Stand Together Against House Bill 2029

Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) are asking legislators for full practice authority that would allow for essentially independent diagnosis and prescribing without any collaboration with a licensed physician

Rep. Stephanie Klick (R-Fort Worth) filed House Bill 2029, which if passed will allow APRNs to: independently prescribe dangerous drugs and controlled substances (up to Schedule III with some Schedule II privileges in inpatient facilities and hospice); order and interpret diagnostic testing; and prescribe DME and devices – all without any relationship with a physician. The bill is expected to be referred to the House Public Health Committee which is Chaired by Representative Klick. We need every Texas physician’s voice to help us.

Please contact your state lawmakers today. Let them know why it’s important to support physician-led, team-based care. Texas patients deserve the highest quality health care possible. 

Tell them how much you learned in your years of medical school, residency, and beyond. Let them know you are calling on behalf of the patients of Texas, and how your education is much different from that of APRNs and other nonphysicians. Ask them to say “No” to the APRNs and HB 2029, and to help the Texas Medical Association advocate for what is best for patients: a physician-led, team-based care model.

You can use the new TMA Grassroots Action Center to share that message quickly and easily with your representatives.

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