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Behavioral Health Resources at JPS

By Allison Howard

JPS has numerous behavioral health clinics that can serve as a valuable tool for physicians struggling to provide patients with access to mental health resources. Through their Outpatient Behavioral Health program, patients can be established with a physician who will be able to address their mental health needs.

To access care, a physician or patient can use the below Outpatient Behavioral Health number to begin the process of enrollment. The Behavioral Health call center is open Monday through Friday 6:30am to 5:00pm; physician callers should press option 3. 

Outpatient Behavioral Health: 817-702-3100

Inpatient Behavioral Health: 817-702-3636

Psychiatric Emergency Center: 817-702-1088


The Psychiatric Emergency Center, located at JPS Main Campus at Tower 10, is open 24/7.  Walk-ins are welcome for anyone in need of an immediate psychiatric evaluation. 

Anyone can be referred to JPS. Health insurance is accepted, including many commercial plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. If JPS does not accept a patient’s insurance, they can still be seen on a self-pay basis.

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