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Ask the Docs About Prenatal Oral Health

Don’t Miss Out – be part of the conversation on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, 8:30 am – 9:30 am CT.

In honor of International Adolescent Health Week, Drs. Shanna Combs and Meera Beharry will host an Ask the Docs discussion centered around the unique issues pregnant teens face, and the importance of engaging adolescents in their medical and dental health journey before, during and after pregnancy.

You can register for this free session here.

This event was created for dentists, physicians, dental hygienists, nurses, doulas, mid-wives, and social workers.

The objectives for this Ask the Docs session include:

  • Strategies for supporting and helping pregnant teens and families as they transition from pediatric to adult medical and dental care
  • Providing information on doctor/teen confidential consult, rights of minors, parental consent needs, questions to ask
  • Identifying stigmas as a barrier to care
  • Tips for creating a teen friendly environment

This session is part of a virtual series that addresses common questions about oral health care during pregnancy. This series is presented by the Texas Department of State Health Services – Oral Health Improvement Program (OHIP) in partnership with the Children’s Oral Health Coalition let by Cook Children’s.

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