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President’s Paragraph – December 2019

Giving Thanks

By David Donohue, MD


Texas is growing from, and in, all directions.  A dearth of pediatric neurosurgeons in some regions of our state prompted our pediatric neurosurgical group to help.  We have been affording 24/7 coverage to children’s hospitals in two other cities over the past 18 months.   The arrival of new pediatric neurosurgeons to the afflicted hospitals has finally provided longed-for relief, especially to my partners, who shouldered more than their share of the clinical and administrative load.  It is gratifying to witness my younger colleagues deftly assume the care of pediatric neurosurgical patients in Tarrant County and beyond. My Cook Children’s neurology staff also helped keep the wheels turning this year.


TCMS officers filled in, and advised, enthusiastically during my absences from TCMS board meetings and special events occasioned by my travels, demonstrating their usual good will and devotion to the organization.  The increasing scope of Project Access testifies to Tarrant County physicians’ altruism.  TCMS members quietly serve on unheralded committees (e.g., Physician Wellness) that do a world of good for physicians.  Any contributions I may have made pale in comparison to theirs. The Tarrant County Physician editorial committee has striven to render my dollops of prose throughout Volume 91 less incoherent, while working to create publications the whole membership can enjoy.


Their dedication to the family of medicine remained evident throughout 2019.  Highlighting important public health concerns, including pediatric head injury (Hard Hats for Little Heads) and immunization efforts sponsoring public education and free vaccination events (Be Wise Immunize)—vital in these days of appalling immunization agnosticism.  Their contributions continue:  community outreach, funding of Allied Health scholarships, and offering solace to families of our deceased or disabled physicians.  Together with TCMS staff, our Alliance is recruiting more young Alliance members and drawing their physician spouses into organized medicine. 


“Things ran smoothly” is a huge understatement.   Especially satisfying is witnessing completion of the TCMS building renovation.  Our staff arranged and executed many TCMS organizational, political, and social events this year.  Beyond the business of running TCMS, our staff facilitates developing working relationships between TCMS physicians and established community players, including City Hall, the DFW Hospital Council, both medical schools, EMS, and the press.  TCMS staff are the operations backbone of Project Access.


Most of all, I want to thank Angela, who encouraged me to participate in the TCMS years ago.  There is virtually no Alliance duty or position that she has not undertaken at either the state or local level.  As my term expires, she reminds me that the disappointment one senses before the incomplete project or unmet goal betrays not failure, but lofty goals yet to be achieved. 

Let’s continue aiming high.

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