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With vaccine supply increasing, use online portal to make appointments

COVID-19 vaccination clinics are being added at additional locations across Tarrant County, and officials are encouraging residents to register online for an appointment.

Tarrant County Public Health maintains an online portal that allows eligible residents to easily register for a no-cost vaccine for residents with or without health insurance. Tarrant County Public Health will determine if you qualify for a vaccination and then send an email, text message or phone message regarding upcoming appointments.

Quantities of the coronavirus vaccine are expected to increase over the coming weeks as manufacturing and distribution ramp up. Residents are encouraged to preregister on the website now so that Tarrant County and its partners can better plan for and distribute the vaccine.

Currently, anyone 50 and older, as well as school and licensed child care personnel, are eligible to receive a vaccination. Anyone more than 18 years old with chronic health conditions is also eligible. The Texas Department of State Health Services has information on the criteria used for vaccination priority on their website. You can also find a list of other vaccination locations throughout the state on their website. It is anticipated that everyone will be eligible very soon, so even if you are not currently eligible, it’s acceptable to register now.

Fort Worth Health Officer and Code Compliance Director Brandon Bennett emphasized that people should not visit one of the clinic sites without an appointment. “By registering on the Tarrant County portal, it not only gets your name in the queue for the vaccine, it also helps us plan for future locations for vaccinations,” Bennett said.

People who show up without having used the online portal to make an appointment will be turned away, he said.

Learn more about the vaccine process in Tarrant County. The City of Fort Worth website provides additional information about the vaccination process and other providers in the community.

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