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Project Access Patient Spotlight

Melanie was the one suffering with a hernia, but it was hurting her entire family

by Allison Howard

All too often, struggles with our health bleed into other areas of our lives. “Melanie’s” hernia did not just cause her stomach pain and inflammation – it stopped the mother of three from playing soccer with her children. It made her struggle with depression and lack of motivation. It made her worry about the future.  

Melanie had to go to the ED several times because the pain became severe, and she worried that her condition would become worse. Her children were anxious about their mother’s health, and she was concerned about them – her youngest is only one year old.  

She sought care at Cornerstone Health Network, and it was there that Melanie was referred to Project Access. At that point she was relived – there was hope for the future. Melanie knew she would receive the care she needed, the care that she could not otherwise access due to lack of resources.  

Melanie was referred to Project Access volunteer Dr. Mohamad Saad, who agreed that she needed surgery to repair the hernia. Dr. Saad performed her surgery at Harris Southwest Hospital, and anesthesia was provided by US Anesthesia Partners – Southwest Division.  

Now, Melanie is again playing with and taking care of her children without pain. She is grateful to everyone who made this possible – from Project Access to Dr. Saad and his staff – because it has given her the opportunity to live a better life.  

One of the things that makes Melanie happiest is knowing that it doesn’t stop with her – that many other people have also received critical care through these services. She shares her thanks for the help and genuine care that is extended to Project Access patients. 

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