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“I was falling into a hole of depression”

A Project Access Tarrant County patient story

By Allison Howard

“It was stressful knowing I was not going to make ends meet.”

When “Roberto,” a 49-year-old husband and father of two, began experiencing a burning pain in his torso from an inguinal hernia, he knew he needed to do something about it. Throughout the day it would grow in intensity, making it difficult for him to work. Roberto’s hours were cut, and he eventually had to take an entire month off of work.

“I could not do anything,” he says. “I was falling into a hole of depression.”

The family was experiencing tension from the economic burden, and it was impossible to consider surgery with the financial struggles they were facing day to day. Then, he went to Cornerstone Clinic, where he was referred to Project Access.

He was connected to Project Access volunteer and general surgeon Dr. Mohammad Siadati of North Texas Surgical Specialists, who agreed that surgery was necessary. Dr. Siadati performed the much-needed procedure at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hurst-Euless-Bedford, and anesthesia was provided by U.S. Anesthesia Partners.

“I am very thankful for Dr. Siadati, who was very attentive, respectful, and patient,” says Roberto. “I especially appreciated the patience Dr. Siadati showed when it came to the language barrier we had.” He thanks everyone who made his treatment possible, from those working the front desk to his doctor.

Since the surgery, Roberto has been improving steadily, and he was just cleared to return to work. He is optimistic about the future – he doesn’t feel stuck anymore in the cycle of pain and frustration. “It was a blessing, the entire process.”

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