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“All I wanted was help and to be treated like a human.”

A Project Access Tarrant County Patient Spotlight

By Allison Howard

“Rebecca” wasn’t looking for a miracle – she just needed to see a gynecologist. The 47-year-old mother of three was suffering from abnormal uterine bleeding. Her problem eventually became so severe that she had to quit her full-time job as a phone salesperson because she was drained emotionally and physically.

“I suffered a lot,” Rebecca says. “I was in a very dark place . . . I could not even drive because I was not well in all aspects of my life.”

But in spite of her clear need, between her financial limitations and immigration status, Rebecca was faced with a resounding chorus of “Nos” as she struggling to find the help that could turn her life around.    

“I was crying all of the time because I could not find anyone to help me,” she says. “I was having constant bleeding that would last months. All I wanted was help and to be treated like a human.”

Eventually, she was able to receive mental health support through Health Services of North Texas. Through this program she was connected to a psychiatrist who began helping Rebecca manage her anxiety and depression. They also referred her to Project Access.

Dr. Carolyn Quist, a Project Access volunteer, agreed to take Rebecca’s case. After finding numerous cysts on both of Rebecca’s ovaries, she determined that they needed to be removed. She performed the surgery at Baylor Surgicare in Fort Worth, and anesthesia was provided by U.S. Anesthesia Partners.

“She took really good care of me, and she always asked how I was doing emotionally, which I believe she did not have to do, but she still asked,” says Rebecca of Dr. Quist. “She is not only an amazing doctor, but she is also a wonderful person. She explained everything to me thoroughly and patiently. I will never be able to repay all of the help she has given me.”

Currently, Rebecca is still gaining strength as her body heals, but her overall health is much improved. She has hope for the future, and gratitude for those who said “Yes” to her when she needed it most.

“Project Access is an awesome team, and I will always be thankful for their help,” she says. “Knowing that they offer help for people like me makes me so happy.”

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